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“The most distinguishing features of winners is their intensity of purpose.” - Alymer Letterman


A1 Organics proudly announces achieving Gold Leader recognition with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment's Environmental Leadership Program (ELP). This statewide environmental recognition and reward program offers "benefits and incentives to members that voluntarily go beyond compliance with state and federal regulations and are committed to continual environmental improvement." Visit the CDPH&E website for more information on the ELP program and it's benefits to the State of Colorado.


A1 Organics is highly honored to be named a 2014 Colorado Company to Watch by Colorado Companies to Watch (COCTW), acknowledging the drive, excellence and influence of A1Organics as a growing company in the state. Colorado Companies to Watch honors second stage companies that develop valuable products and services, create quality jobs, enrich communities, and create new industries throughout Colorado. We thank COCTW for reocgnizing A1 with this award!

Be sure to visit the Colorado Companies to Watch webpage highlighting this year's winners for more details on this award and all the companies chosen for 2014.

A1Organics, located in the beautiful state of Colorado, has been in the organic recycling business since 1974. We are Colorado's leader in organic recycling, and have successfully diverted over 8,000,000 cubic yards of waste from Colorado landfills! The end result of our recycling efforts?  High quality composts, mulches, and other recycled materials, which are available to the landscape industry and Colorado citizens for landscaping and soil amendment purposes.

A1 has been recognized by such organizations as the United States Composting Council and was named "Composter of the Year in 2007".  We are also a proud participant in the Colorado Environmental Leadership Program and have achieved the Gold Partner status in that organization. A1 Organics is proud of our work in the field of organic recycling and our participation in promoting a greener future for our country.


A1 Organics announces an exclusive substrate procurement agreement with Heartland Biogas, LLC for its Anaerobic Digester Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) Project. The Heartland Biogas project is now under construction with biogas deliveries scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2014. Read this Press Release for more information!

Why not recycle that foodwaste from your business that currently gets hauled to the landfill? A1 has been recycling foodwaste in the Denver area and Front Range for restaurants, large stores, and other businesses who want to become a proud partner in the A1 Organics Sustainability Program. Go to our Foodwaste Page for more information!

A1 is a contracted Seal of Testing Assurance (STA) participant with the United States Composting Council (USCC). 

Click for large imageThe US Composting Council launched a ‘Strive for 5%’ organic matter campaign in late 2011, in conjunction with the introduction of the Consumer Compost Use Program. The Consumer Compost Use Program (CCUP) was developed by the USCC to provide a simple way for the consumer to select with confidence a commercially produced compost that meets the STA requirements, as well as a defined list of attributes and analytical information targeted for use in 3 general use categories:
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Flower and Vegetable Gardens
  • Lawns

Click for large imageThe EPA also supports the Compost Use Program. Click here for more information from their website.

Look for the USCC icons on product information sheets when selecting a compost for your use.  All composts are NOT created equally!!! Watch for more information to come on the CCUP program.

Just mouse over the photos below for a larger image and description of each picture.

Coloring mulch at our Eaton Facility. This process produces our 2nd Chance Colored Mulch products in red, rose, gold. brown and black. Very popular product line!

A1 Organics facility in Eaton, Colorado. Not only our Corporate Offices, but we also produce and sell several products at this site. Eaton is one of our recycling sites that accepts green waste and other materials for processing.

Screening compost at our Eaton facility. Product can be screened as small as 1/4" for a very fine textured compost to be used for top dressing applications.

Grinding wood at our Stapleton Facility in Denver, Colorado. Small branches and large logs can be run through our tub grinder, producing a great product that is then turned into our 2nd Chance Colored Mulch. Waste from grinding is also used in the composting process of other materials.

A loader operator builds windrows at our Rattler Ridge Facility in Keenesburg, Colorado. Incoming materials for recycling are processed using the Modified Static Aerobic Pile (MSAP) method of composting.

A1 Organics recycles food waste for restaurants, hotels, stores, etc. up and down the Front Range of Colorado. We have a fleet of trucks traveling miles a day to pick up food waste totes from our customers. This waste is recycled and turned into quality products for sale. A win-win solution for all! "We'll take your food waste to go!"

Part of the composting process includes turning the windrows to help the process along and to make sure ALL the materials are completely and properly composted!

Ever heard of top dressing? It's the organic way to provide the proper nutrients to golf courses, ball fields, park grass, and even your lawn! Here we show Progro being spread at the Harmony Golf Club in Timnath, Colorado.

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